FloatR fishing tool float  (holds 11oz)

FloatR fishing tool float (holds 11oz)

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Introducing the FloatR by unHookR!!!!  It's the coolest fishing tool float on the market and it is proudly made in the USA! 

The FloatR floats the unHookR HOSS with ease and it will float any tool up to 11oz. including the Boga Grip Model 315.  Saved from the dark depths!!

The FloatR is made of a proprietary high density foam.   It is 6" long and will ride quietly on your boat tied to any of your valuable fishing tools.  Each FloatR comes rigged with USA made 550 paracord.

The FloatR is also a great kayak essential.  Don't lose your precious tools or even rods and reels into the depths of the river or lake if a little slip of the hand or more occurs.

The picture shows the front and back of the FloatR.


Buoyancy note:  When floating an 11oz weight, the top of the float is over 1/2" exposed out of the water.