unHookR® - The simplest way to remove a hook from a fish. Perfect for hooks size 12 to 5/0. Measures 8" long.

unHookR® - The simplest way to remove a hook from a fish. Perfect for hooks size 12 to 5/0. Measures 8" long.

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You'll save your fingers and cause less stress to the fish because of the speed with which the hook is removed. unHookR® also protects the hook.  Whether it's an expensive jig head or plastics, a fly or even a 5/0 bass hook with unHookR® it will be removed BUT not destroyed.  

Consider the damage you've done when using pliers or forceps. They destroy the body of a fly, sometimes break the jig head or definitely rip up your expensive plastics.  This DOES NOT HAPPEN with the unHookR®

This can literally save you hundreds of dollars in destroyed tackle...in just one day of fishing!

It will work on a freshwater fly hook size 12 up to a 5/0 EWG bass hook and even bigger sized Saltwater fly hooks beyond 5/0.  

It is better than anything out there because it always works. It's simple. It's inexpensive. It's also heavy duty made from #304 stainless steel. It's 100% made in the USA.

How to Use the unHookR®

unHookR® is simple to use, just hold the fish you've caught in one hand and hold the unHookR® in the other hand.  Take the line and hold it in the hand that is holding the unHookR® to cause line tension while engaging the hook bend with the slot at the other end of the unHookR®.  Then just push the unHookR® into the fish’s mouth about 1mm and then roll it to the right or left to pop the hook out.  

Remove the unHookR® with the hook held on the slotted end. 

Special Note:

This device always works.  The key to success is having TENSION on the line.  When you slightly push it in and roll the unHookR® to the left or right to pop out the hook you need to make sure you have the line tightly held with the hand holding the unHookR®.  You need TENSION on the line between your hand and the hook.  This is what allows you to just remove the unHookR® from the fish’s mouth with the hook in the slotted end.

How-to Videos.  We've got several how-to videos that will demonstrate how simple and effective the unHookR® is.  Please see the link at the top of the page.